Civil War Bullet, Gettysburg PA
Civil War Bullet, Gettysburg PA

Civil War Bullet - Gettysburg PA - 3 Views (5)

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Civil War Bullet - Gettysburg PA
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This original stanhope civil war commemorative bullet shows 3 views of Gettysburg, PA. After the war, some of the left over bullets were used to make these stanhope novelties. Generally these were of the 58 cal. sort, as this one is. The 3 images found within are separately titled: "PICKETT'S CHARGE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG / HANCOCK AVENUE LOOKING SOUTH / GENERAL BUFORD GENERAL REYNOLDS" and the main title is "GETTYSBURG, PA". It is also marked "MADE IN FRANCE" along the right side. The images are very clear and fine and easy to see. This artifact is 100% original and our restoration included only superficial cleaning of the lens. The bullet shows great patina. This is an excellent example of a rare stanhope item. great for civil war collectors and enthusiasts.

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