George Wallace Stanhope Pencil
George Wallace Stanhope Pencil

Vintage 1972 George Wallace Presidential Campaign Pencil Political Stanhope

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1972 Presidential Campaign Stanhope - George Wallace for President Wooden Red White & Blue Stanhope Pencil. "Send them a Message...Vote Wallace in 72
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1972 Presidential Campaign Memorabilia George Wallace for President Wooden Red White & Blue Stanhope Pencil. Unused stanhope pencil from the 1972 Presidential Campaign of George Wallace. Wallace was Governor of Alabama and ran as a democrat against Nixon in 1972. He was shot in an assassination attempt by Arthur Bremer while outside a bank near Laurel Maryland . Some say George Wallace was the last true hero of the Democratic Party and he was especially popular in the US South.

This is a stanhope that we had never seen or known before finding these. We purchased a handful of these pencils from an older gentleman living in Florida who had worked on the Wallace campaign. He explained the pencils had been ordered as give away items for folks working in Wallace campaign offices but they did not arrive in time to be distributed. After the assassination attempt and subsequent election loss, the undistributed pencils were of no use, so the gentleman took a handful of them home. As he was recently cleaning out his garage in an effort to down-size, he found the pencils he had hoarded for nearly 50 years. He found us & offered to sell us a few of them.

All of the pencils are in the same condition. They are a white or yellowed white un-sharpened number 2 round pencil with a brass ferrules and pink erasers. They have a photo of Mr. Wallace that looks like a dot matrix newspaper print photo which is blue in color. The outside of the pencil bears the words (in red) "Wallace For President In 1972" The pencils are all in very nice condition with some scratches or stains or paint scrapes from storage. The stanhope lens shows a black and white image of George Wallace looking right out at you. The image has a motif of wavy flag stripes and an eagle head. It bears the words "SEND THEM A MESSAGE" "WALLACE in '72".

We consider this to be an uncommon and apparently rare pencil and a great political collectible. A few of the stanhope lenses in these pencils had deteriorated over the years so we removed and restored them as necessary.