Cable Car Stanhope Charm w/ Movable Parts
Cable Car Stanhope Charm w/ Movable Parts

Cable Car Vintage San Francisco Stanhope Charm with Movable Driver and Wheels

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Vintage San Francisco Cable Car Stanhope Charm with Moving Parts
Part Number: ANT-CHM-03
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This Sterling Silver cable car charm is very unique in that as you move the wheels, the driver nods forwards and backwards. It is very intricate in its design. One side of this charm shows the words "CABLE CAR" and the other side shows "SF" (for San Francisco). It is also marked "Sterling" on the end that contains the eyelet. The image is one of the more common images that you will find in San Francisco items and it is in remarkable pristine condition. It is titled "GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE" and shows an image of the Golden Gate Bridge.