Abe Lincoln Stanhope Fob
Abe Lincoln Stanhope Fob

Turned Bone Stanhope Monocular Fob - President Abraham Lincoln Photo

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Antique bone stanhope Monocular telescope watch fob charm shows a rare portrait of President Abraham Lincoln
Part Number: ANT-812-0516-2
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This early antique stanhope charm is a figural monocular turned from ox or cattle bone. It is in very good condition but does have one naturally occurring very small & faint check along it's partial length. It retains it's brass eyelet and jump ring. This monocular bone charm pendant measures about 3/4" long, 5/16" wide. The stanhope peep in the ocular shows a very nice portrait photo of Pres. Abraham Lincoln. The photo is of nice quality but there is a small blemish in the photo emulsion over Lincoln's nose and another below the photo at the title. Some of the emulsion is missing but the title reads "Made in France". This would be a nice addition to any stanhope, political, Lincoln, presidential or jewelry collection. 

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