Vintage Rustic Sterling Silver Roll Film Cameral
Vintage Rustic Sterling Silver Roll Film Cameral

1960's Monet Gold Plated 35mm Film Camera Charm Stanhope Charm

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Mint Condition Gold US Flag Stanhope Camera Charm Jewelry by Monet
Part Number: ANT-812-0514-5-2
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This piece of 1960's fashion jewelry is a wonderful little 35mm camera charm with a single stanhope view showing the stars and stripes of our United States Flag often referred to as "Old Glory". The charm is gold plated or washed and highly detailed. Well kept and in fine condition, this piece retains a lot of the gold but does show signs of wear. This is a great piece to use on your charm bracelet or to collect. The picture is clear and easy to see. It is clearly marked on the bottom, MONET. Monet produced a lot of fashion jewelry in 1950-1970 era, but stanhope pieces by Monet are not common and were produced in relatively low numbers when compared to their other jewelry.