Vintage Rustic Sterling Silver Roll Film Cameral
Vintage Rustic Sterling Silver Roll Film Cameral

1960's Monet Sterling Silver 35mm Film Camera Charm Stanhope Charm

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Mint Condition Stanhope Camera by Monet
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This piece of 1960's fashion jewelry is a  wonderful little 35mm camera charm with a  4 views showing the Hudson River in New York and was most likely sold in New York as a tourist souvenir. The charm is solid sterling silver and very authentic in detail. It is in well kept condition and retains a lot of shine. It's most likely rhodium plated over the silver as is common with much jewelry made today. There is a jump ring clasp already attached to the camera and it to is .925 sterling. This is a great piece to use on your charm bracelet or to collect. The picture is clear and easy to see.

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