Wells Sterling Silver Holy Bible Charm Pendant with Ten Commandments Stanhope

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Wells Stanhope Bible Sterling Charm Pendant features a tiny "Ten Commandments" view
Part Number: ANT-291215-01
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Very nice and clean, and in near mint condition is this miniature Wells Sterling Holy Bible charm pendant. Connected to a chain of tiny links and a spring ring clasp at the top for easy attachment to any charm bracelet. Engraved or recessed on the front with "HOLY BIBLE" and a simple decorative border and design. It's stamped WELLS STERLING on the binder. The stanhope view shows THE TEN COMMANDMENTS on two tablets. The image is clear and easy to see but a little bit off-center making the lower right corner harder to see. This is actually a common flaw among many stanhope items andis how it was originally made rather than caused by wear or damage. All in all it's a great little pendant that hard to find in this condition. Perfectly suitable for use as a charm today or a nice stanhope to collect.

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