Top view of Stanhope Church Charm Pendant
Top view of Stanhope Church Charm Pendant

Sterling Silver Lords Prayer Stanhope Church Charm by Walter Lampl

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This is a very nice and well kept Walter Lampl NY 3D church charm with steeple that was made about 1940. This version of Lampl's church chapel was patented in 1937 and was a popular seller for him from that time through the 1940's. The charm is marked "STERLING" on the bottom and is also hallmarked with the patent number "D-107523. The Lampl patent associated with this charm is also pictured for reference. This Lampl charm can be discovered with a number of different images in the stanhope and this one is home to the most commonly found "Lord's Prayer". The Lord's Prayer stanhope also has an image of a kneeling woman above the title "THE LORD'S PRAYER" and it is marked "-MADE IN FRANCE-" along the right side. The charm is smaller than most stanhope church charms measuring about 9/16" X 3/8". It shines a little more than the pictures show but it has a nice undisturbed natural patina indicative of it's age. This would be a suitable piece for collecting or to attach to your favorite charm bracelet.

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