Rare "Peeping Bellhop" Stanhope Postcard Printed in germany
Rare "Peeping Bellhop" Stanhope Postcard Printed in germany

Rare Stanhope Postcard Bellhop Spying through Keyhole

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Early 20th Century German Stanhope Postcard Bellhop Spying through Keyhole features a squeaker that sounds like surprised ladies screaming. Peep into this stanhope card and squeeze.
Part Number: ANT-250517-2
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Extremely rare early 20th century stanhope postcard depicting an illustration of a bellhop peeping through a hotel keyhole at three nude ladies. Both the card and the stanhope are in extremely fine condition with no rips or tears. This one was never sent or postmarked. It is a bit soiled, particularly on the back side in the area of the squeaker which can only be attributed to the joy a person had showing off this highly innovative stanhope postcard. The card also features a squeaker bulb inside. Just hold the card to your eye and peep into the stanhope keyhole as the bellhop is doing and squeeze the center of the card. You'll see the 3 nude women and hear their surprised screams! The women are standing in a row and facing forward and it's easy to see both their boobs and hefty pubic bushes. All three are a slightly robust in build and quite attractive. The card is marked "Patent" and "Printed in Germany" and bears the manufacturer logo, a three leaf clover with the initials "A W H"  on both the front and reverse. The front side is also marked with the card number "0750". This is truly one of the most creative stanhope items ever produced and it is also considered among the rarest of stanhopes. If you collect postcards or stanhopes, you won't want to let this one get away.

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