US Capitol Building Stanhope Charm
US Capitol Building Stanhope Charm

Vintage Sterling Silver Washington US Capitol Charm Stanhope

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Vintage Sterling Silver Washington DC US Capitol Charm with Stanhope Lens shows multiple views of popular Washington DC landmark buildings.
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US Capitol Building Charm made of .925 Sterling Silver circa 1960's has a stanhope lens view showing five different Washington DC landmark buildings. This charm is in "like-new" condition and is a highly detailed figural souvenir jewelry piece. It is marked "US CAPITOL" & "STERLING" on the base. It weighs 5.8 grams and measures 18mm x 11mm x 22mm. The placement of the stanhope lens is vertically through the Capitol roof and the image is viewed by looking through the bottom or base of the charm. The stanhope image is a very nice multi-view of popular Washington DC tourist attractions that include The US Capitol, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial & the White House. Each building is individually titled and the main title is "Views of Washington DC". It is also marked "Made in France" along the lower right side of the microphoto. Both the charm and the stanhope view are in very fine condition. The stanhope does have some minuscule included bubbles toward the top. these are the type of tiny bubbles that are often found in stanhopes as part of their manufacture and not the type one sees when a stanhope has begun to deteriorate. In other words, the bubbles are common and were always present from the time is was made. As one can see from our photos, they are not a detraction at all. This a great piece of jewelry to collect or add to a vintage charm bracelet.