Stanhope Liberty Bell Charm
Stanhope Liberty Bell Charm

Liberty Bell Stanhope Peep Charm with View of George Washington

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Vintage Sterling Silver Philadelphia Liberty Bell Stanhope Peep Charm with View of First US President George Washington
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Vintage Sterling Silver Liberty Bell Stanhope Peep Charm is a highly detailed figural rendition of this famous US icon. It is in very nice condition and nicely made. It even retains it's movable swinging clapper. The stanhope features a view of first US President George Washington who was in office when Philadelphia was the United States Capital. Stanhope Liberty Bells were only originally available in gift and tourist shops throughout Old Philadelphia from around 1940 to about 1972. The souvenir Liberty Bells were available in both Sterling Silver and also 14k gold versions. This Liberty Bell stanhope is not rare but subsequently not very common either. They are, however, difficult to find with the G. Washington photo and most contain multi-views showing Philadelphia landmarks and historic places. The stanhope is in excellent condition and clear and easy to see. It is marked "Made in France" next to the photo of Washington. 

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