Antique French Naughty Binocular Stanhope
Antique French Naughty Binocular Stanhope

Vintage Erotica Stanhope Binocular Watch Charm Fob with Naked Lady Views

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Stanhope Binoculars Features Two Nude Victorian Naughty Erotic Views
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This is a nice gold wash binocular watch fob charm. This base-metal charm has a heavy gold wash on it's exterior. The gold is well worn through over large areas but some does remain in the more protected regions. This is common for this type of binocular charm and to find one with most of the gold ormolu wash intact is a seldom occurrence. Both stanhope views are very clear and easy to see. There is no "crackling" in either stanhope. The binoculars resemble opera glasses in style. They are not highly detailed but they have an appealing octagonal shape. Both stanhopes show tastefully posed nudes. One stanhope shows a beautiful stout-bellied brunette posed lying on a sofa. She is fully nude except for a few Hindu or Middle Eastern inspired accessories. The other image is that of a young woman sitting naked on a settee. Both stanhopes show full frontal nudity. Both girls are very natural looking and a one is a tad more Rubenesque than the other.

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