Stanhope Vintage Erotica Binocular Watch Fob Charm with Naked Lady Views

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Stanhope Binoculars with 2 Fine Naked Victorian Microphotos depicting Naughty Erotic Views
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This is a very nice, slight worn gold wash binocular watch fob charm. This base-metal charm has a heavy gold wash on it's exterior. The gold is worn through in a few areas but remains mostly intact. More often than not when you find a set of stanhope binoculars like this pair, they are missing most, or all of the gold wash. Both stanhope views are present and very clear and easy to see. One of the images does have a small bubbles inside but it is really not noticeable and is outside of the actual photo. This type of "bubbling" is often exhibited in stanhopes and are the result of manufacturing. You can notice the bubbles in the photos. There is no "crackling" in either stanhope. The binoculars resemble opera glasses in style. They are not highly detailed, but the barrels are finely grooved throughout their length and adorned with a French "shield" or "coat of arms" motif". Both stanhopes show tastefully posed nudes. See the images of the inside views which were hard to take due to the extremely small holes in the binocular eye-pieces. The images are much clearer than shown in the photos. The first stanhope shows a beautiful stout-bellied brunette draped in shear translucent  fabric that emulates the wings of a fairy or nymph. She is standing in a forest and playing a violin. The other image is that of a young woman standing naked in a wash basin in her bedroom. The image is very nice right down to the detail in the wallpaper pattern. Both stanhopes show full frontal nudity. Both girls are very natural looking and a bit Rubenesque.

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