Stanhope Binoculars with Dual Nude Images
Stanhope Binoculars with Dual Nude Images

Gold Gild Stanhope Binocular Charm Fob with Early Female Nude Views

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Stanhope Binoculars with 2 Exquisite Risque Nude Victorian Photos Naked Girls Vintage Erotica Views
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This is a very nice and well maintained gold plated or gilded binocular charm that would have traditionally been used as pocket watch fob for men, but also sometimes by women as a charm on a bracelet. This charm may have been worn at some time but it is in extremely fine condition when compared to most others of this type. The binoculars resemble French opera glasses and are ornately embossed with decorative Victorian era design. Produced circa 1895-1900 the charm was made in 2 halves that have been soldered together and plated with a rich rosy gold. Both stanhopes show tasteful but completely nude girls and they are very clear and easy to see. The first stanhope depicts two girls standing in front of a typical background and column. One of the girls is playing a gourd shaped mandolin while the other girl poses next to her. Both ladies are naked and exhibit full frontal natural (un-manicured) nudity. The second stanhope contains a view of three nude women, also posed in front of a similar backdrop and column. They are all wearing Roman style sandals that lace up the lengths of their calves. Their hairstyles feature flowers as adornments. This sexy and naughty bunch are huddled around the column in a way that offers a view of these lovely nymphs from the side and shows nice detail of their butts and breasts. All in all there a 5 girls within the two stanhopes making this set of binoculars a pretty precious find, especially in this condition.