Gold Plated Statue of Liberty Charm with New York Stanhope Viewer

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Gold Plated Statue of Liberty Charm with New York City Skyline Stanhope
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This gold filled figural stanhope Statue of Liberty charm has is in like new condition. This charm measures 3/8" wide, 5/16" deep, 1 3/16" tall and weighs 3.5 grams. The stanhope viewer is housed in the pedestal steps under the statue and magnifies a microphoto of the skyline of New York City. This view is titled NEW YORK CITY at the bottom and is a sort of aerial view. The stanhope is also in fine condition being clear and easy to see and read. Many stanhope charms were sold in the early to mid 1900s as souvenirs. They general contained views of a popular or famous tourist place or acknowledged an event and could be purchased in gift & souvenir shops around the world. This would be a great charm for use on a charm bracelet or as a necklace pendant bracelet. It would also a great stanhope for a collection. 

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