Unmarked Sterling Stanhope Charm
Unmarked Sterling Stanhope Charm

Sterling Silver Figural Statue of Liberty Charm with New York Stanhope Viewer

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Sterling Silver Figural Statue of Liberty Charm with Lady Liberty Stanhope
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This sterling silver figural stanhope charm is a typical example of a once popular New York City souvenir charm. This figural Statue of liberty charm has many fine details that can be seen on the actual statue in spite of signs of careful use and the patina of time. The stanhope Lady Liberty charm measures 3/8" wide , 1/4" deep,, 1 1/8" tall and weighs 3.1 grams. The stanhope viewer finds it's home in the pedestal stairs of the statue figure. The stanhope lens view is a microphoto of the Statue of Liberty in New York City, NY. and is complete with the title, "Statue of Liberty. N-Y" beneath the photo. The stanhope lens is in very good shape and the view is clear and easy to see and read.

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