Lord's Prayer Book Trinket with Stanhope Viewer

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Early Plastic Figural Lords Prayer Book Trinket With Lords Prayer Stanhope
Part Number: ANT-150205-01
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This stanhope book trinket has an ivory colored cover of early plastic, probably celluloid or casein plastic. The pages are an insert made of cork or some pithy wood. The cover is impressed or embossed with "Lord's Prayer" and filled with gold accent. The book cover has carved corner details. There are signs of use and the plastic has some  light scratches, but this figural stanhope book is in good condition. The miniature book measures 1 1/8" tall, 13/16" wide, and weighs 2.9 grams. The stanhope viewer is located on the front of the book in the top right corner. The stanhope view is a microscopic vintage print of the Lord's prayer with a praying child at the top. The view has a great deal of bubbling and crackle so the view should be considered rather poor. It could be restored if desired. This book is not really a very common piece to find. Naturally, the price reflects the condition of the item.

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