Stanhope Whistle made of Turned Bone
Stanhope Whistle made of Turned Bone

Carved Bone Whistle with WWI Stanhope Viewer

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Carved Bone Whistle with Lord Kitchener Stanhope World War 1
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Carved bone whistle is in working condition with stanhope top. The mouthpiece of the whistle is made of wood and is in working condition. The whistle itself is in good condition with what looks like two hairline cracks on the mouth piece. The cracks are not open and may just be typical heavy checking commonly found in turned bone items. The whistle measures 1 7/8" long and is 7/16" wide. The stanhope view is titled LORD KITCHENER of KHARTOUM at the bottom. Lord Kitchener was a senior British Army officer and colonial administrator involved in the early part of World War I. The stanhope is in very fine condition and the photo is a very high quality. The microphoto image is clear and bold and easy to see and read with no bubbling.  This carved bone figural stanhope whistle is a fine working piece. This is a fine collectible stanhope that would suit any stanhope or military collector.

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