Stanhope Civil war Whistle
Stanhope Civil war Whistle

Civil War Bone Whistle with Gettysburg Stanhope Viewer

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Bone Civil War Whistle with General Lee Headquarters Stanhope
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Fine bone (or ivory) Civil War whistle is in fine working condition and has a decorative turned finial which is home to the stanhope view. The mouthpiece of the whistle wood has a wood inset in it's cylindrical bone body. The body of this whistle is very white in color in comparison to the finial top that is more yellowed or tawny in color. It could be that the body of this whistle is made of ivory and the finial of bone. It's difficult for us to say for sure. It measures 2" long and is nearly 1/2" wide. The stanhope is very clear and easy to see and is titled GENERAL LEE'S HEADQUARTERS / GETTYSBURG, PA. It is also marked along the right side, MADE IN FRANCE. The stanhope image is a picture of General Lee's Headquarters at Gettysburg and has an oval inset portrait of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in the upper right corner. There are some extremely small bubbles, mostly near the caption. The bubbles are nearly imperceptible and do not detract. They are obviously trapped in there from the time of manufacture as this piece is in 100% original condition. Single images in Gettysburg souvenir stanhopes are almost unheard of and whistle from there quite uncommon, therefor this is considered quite unusual or at least atypical. This is a nice piece for a collector or sutler.

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