Satinspar Niagara Falls Stanhope Pin
Satinspar Niagara Falls Stanhope Pin

Niagara Falls Six Stone Satin Spar Stanhope Barrel Pin

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Antique Niagara Falls Six Stone Figural Barrel Pin shows 7 views of Niagara Falls
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The six stones and figural hanging stanhope barrel on this pin are white satin spar. The stones have a shimmer that is often referred to as or mistaken for white tiger eye. The stanhope barrel hangs from a gold chain below the two lower stones on the brooch. This gold pin measures 1 1/2" wide, 1 3/16" tall and weighs 5.6 grams. The figural barrel is 7/16" long and 3/8" wide. The stanhope peep is found in the center of this barrel charm and it shows a bold and clear view of seven different locations of Niagara Falls. The view is titled VIEWS OF NIAGARA FALLS at the top. The seven individual views are titled as follows;

     Horseshoe Falls
     American Falls
     Bobby Leach
     Prospect Point
     Mrs. Taylor and Her Barrel
     Whirlpool Rapids
     The Falls from Canada

Both the stanhope view and the pin are in fine condition and will be a great addition to any collection or jewelry box.

Here is more about satin spar for those who are interested.
Satin spar or feldspar is a close relative to selenite or gypsum and is often referred to as "fiber optic stone". This material could be found at the bottom of the falls and was collected and used by early American Indians. The Niagara falls jewelry was made from these collected stone. The material was used to make stanhope souvenir charms beginning about 1880 and continued through to about 1930. The material was so popular in these Niagara Falls souvenir jewelry, that it became known as Niagara stone. Niagara Falls satin spar souvenir jewelry often included brooches, hat pins, stick pins, watch fobs, pendants and other items mostly in this the form of a barrel, but with some exception. Today satin spar is seldom used in jewelry because of it extreme soft nature. It has a hardness rating of 2 on the Mohs scale. Which means it is very soft. Because of this, satin spar jewelry is rarely made today.

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