Vintage Round Rhinestone Silver Lord's Prayer Stanhope Cross Pendant

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Vintage Round Rhinestone Silver Cross Pendant features a Lord's Prayer magnifier called a stanhope or stanhope lensStanhope
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Sterling silver pectoral cross pendant with 12 clear rhinestones and rounded beveled center with a stanhope view. Rhinestones lack color but not shine and they have not yellowed over time like so many. The cross has vintage Gothic look. Measures 1 5/8" and 1" across it weighs 6.2 grams and appears to be rhodium plated (possibly over sterling but it is not marked as such). The stanhope view is titled The Lord's Prayer which is the Catholic version. Above title is a picture of a girl or young lady  kneeling in prayer. It is marked Made in France along the right side of the image. View has several small bubbles that appear in good light but do not block view so they don't detract much. The view is turned slightly askew of vertical as many older views were.

The view is titled

     THE LORD'S PRAYER at the top
     MADE IN FRANCE is along the right side

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