Figural French Man Mechanical Pencil Souvenir Stanhope Viewer

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Figural French Man Mechanical Pencil Souvenir with Dunkerque France Stanhope view
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A fine and somewhat hard to find stanhope mechanical pencil turned and painted figural Parisian man . The pencil is in perfectly fine working condition with lead included. The shaft of the pencil is made of an early white and blue plastic material, probably bakelite or some form of casein. Its small arms, shirt opening and other details have been finely painted in shimmering gold. The painting is reminiscent of that found on fine Noritake china and early French porcelain bisque dolls like those of Rochard. Its figural white head is topped with a red beret hat. The hair and facial features are painted in black. The pen clip and tip "metal parts" are a shiny gold and are most likely plated. The pencil measures 4" long and is 3/8" wide. On the middle of the shaft is the word DUNKERQUE, a town in France, impressed and gilded in gold. The stanhope find it's home in the ears of the man. It shows four views of Dunkerque, France and is titled as follows:

     DUNKERQUE in the top middle of the view
     L' HOTEL DE VILLE far right view
     EGLISE SAINT-ELOI top middle view
     ENTREE DU PORT bottom middle view
     STATUE DE JEAN BART far right view

The stanhope lens is clear and easy to read. The entire pencil is in very nice condition, showing little sign of use but some patina on it's metal parts. It is a very nice French stanhope collectible finished and painted in the proud red, white and blue that adorns the flag of France.

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