Art Deco Writing Case with Stanhope Lens
Art Deco Writing Case with Stanhope Lens

Antique Art Deco Writing Tool Etui Case with Stanhope Lens Dundee Scotland

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Vintage Silver Art Deco Writing Tool Case with Serpentine Groove design & Memory of Dundee Scotland Stanhope
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Ornamental silver-plated writing etui has a grooved serpentine twist design that has a well tarnished patina which gives the piece a somewhat two-toned look.  It is in nice condition and measures approximately 4 1/2" long by 1/2" wide. The 6-view stanhope lens is located in the top of the lid and is marked "MADE IN FRANCE" and titled  "A MEMORY OF DUNDEE". It also bears the inscription "McKEE, DUBLIN". The six individual photos are titled as follows:

New Tay Viaduct From North
New Tay Viaduct From South
The Royal Arch
New Caledonian Railway Station
The Albert Institute
Balgay Park
The stanhope view is clear and bold making it very easy to read. This case is a very nice collectible stanhope that is not very common though we have seen a few similar examples over the years. Finding them with all of the included writing implements is a real task.

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