Carved Stained Bone Stanhope Rosary Cross
Carved Stained Bone Stanhope Rosary Cross

Carved and Stained Coquilla Nut Cross Pendant with French Stanhope Viewer

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Carved and Stained Coquilla or Corozo Nut Cross Pendant with D' Arcachon Stanhope
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This stanhope cross pendant has been carved from a coquilla or corozo nut and has a beautiful tawny patina associated with that material. The stanhope cross is adorned with several small carved circle designs. At one time it had a round jump ring that is no longer present, but one could easily be added again if desired. This stanhope cross pendant measures 1 13/16" tall and 1 1/8" wide. The stanhope viewer is located in the typical center of the cross. The view is not the usual Lord's Prayer of Ten Commandments, but rather a microphoto showing two views from Notre Dame in France. They depict the Presbyterian Church of Arcachon and the Shrine of Our Lady of Arcachon. The stanhope view is in excellent condition offering a clear and bold view with no visible defects. The view is has no main title but the views are titled underneath as follows;


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