Figural Bakelite Stanhope Cross With Seven Sorrow Stanhopes
Figural Bakelite Stanhope Cross With Seven Sorrow Stanhopes

Bakelite Catholic Crucifix Cross Pendant With 7 Sorrows Stanhopes

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Antique Bakelite Crucifixion Cross Pendant With 7 Stanhopes of 7 Catholic Sorrows, every stanhope lens scene is clear view.
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This figural cross stanhope pendant is made of an early plastic called Bakelite. This Butterscotch Bakelite crucifix is named for it's distinguishable yellowish brown color. It features a nicely detailed silver figure of Jesus Christ and a small silver badge with the inscription "INRI". There is a jump and split ring at the top of the cross which would have been used as an attachment for a necklace or rosary beads. It measures 1 3/4" tall by 1 1/8" wide and is in very good condition. There are an obvious seven stanhopes to be found within this bakelite cross. Each stanhope lens offers a view of one of the seven sorrows of Mother Mary. Most of the views are in very good shape offering a clear and readable view of each sorrow. It is seldom to find one of these magnificent 7 stanhope crosses with all of the views still in tact. All of the views are quite clear and easy to see and read. Some of the images display slight typical crackling around the outside perimeter but not in the images themselves.The 1st Sorrow was made a bit askew of center so it's a little hard to see the entire image. All in all this cross is complete and in much better condition than most crosses of this type. The views are located and titled as follows:

     1st Sorrow-Prophecy of Simeon
     2nd Sorrow-Flight to Egypt
     3rd Sorrow- Loss of Jesus in the Temple
     4th Sorrow- Mary Meets Jesus on the way to Calvary
     5th Sorrow- Jesus Dies on Cross
     6th Sorrow- Mary Receives Dead Body Of Jesus on the Cross
     7th Sorrow-Jesus is Placed In the Tomb

INRI is an abbreviation of Latin (Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm) and was put on the the cross of Jesus Christ by Pontius Pilate. It means "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews" in English.

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