Jesus Crucifixion Cross with Seven Sorrows Stanhopes
Jesus Crucifixion Cross with Seven Sorrows Stanhopes

Bakelite Crucifixion Cross with 7 Stanhopes Viewer

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Bakelite Crucifixion Cross With 7 Stanhopes showing the Seven Sorrows
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This figural Bakelite stanhope cross has a tiny silver crucifixion figure of Jesus with feet turned slightly off to the right. The Bakelite is called butterscotch because of its yellowish brown color. This stanhope cross has a jump and split ring added for easy attachment to a necklace or rosary. There are a few links left on the eyelet from an earlier rosary. This cross pendant measures 1 3/4" tall and 1 1/8" wide. On top front of cross there is a small silver badge with the letters INRI on it. This abbreviation was put on the cross above Jesus by Pontius Pilate. The meaning of this abbreviation translated to English is Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews. There are seven stanhopes found on the top of the cross. Each of the stanhopes depict one of the seven sorrows of Mother Mary. These stanhope views are immaculate and very easy to see and read. Each view is individually titled. The titles are as follows;

     1st Sorrow-Prophecy of Simeon
     2nd Sorrow- Flight to Egypt
     3rd Sorrow- Loss of Jesus in the Temple 
     4th Sorrow- Mary Meets Jesus on the way to Calvary
     5th Sorrow- Jesus Dies on Cross
     6th Sorrow- Mary Receives Dead Body Of Jesus on the Cross
     7th Sorrow-Jesus is Placed In the Tomb

Stanhope Seven Sorrows Crucifix Crosses of this type are nearly impossible to find in this near mint condition.