19th Century Olive wood Stanhope Cross
19th Century Olive wood Stanhope Cross

Carved Wooden Cross with Jerusalem Stanhope Viewer

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Carved Wooden Cross with Jerusalem 2 view Stanhope
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This carved wooden rosary cross has a fine design of small circles carved into the cross. The cross has been painted brown as many were in this time period. There is a split ring in the top of the cross for easy attachment to a necklace or rosary. This cross measures 1 7/8" tall without ring, 2 1/8"tall including ring, and approximately 1 1/4" wide. The stanhope viewer is found in the center of the cross. The view has two microphotos showing scenes of Jerusalem. The view is titled in the middle of the views; JERUSALEM to the left, and lepycarnmb(not in English) to the right. The view is slightly tilted into the edge of the stanhope making the upper left part of the view look faded. Otherwise the view is clear and easily seen.

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