Stanhope Sewing Stiletto shows Harney Peak Lookout
Stanhope Sewing Stiletto shows Harney Peak Lookout

Carved Bone Bodkin Sewing Stiletto Awl With Stanhope Viewer

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Turned Bone Bodkin Stiletto Sewing Accessory With Harney Peak Stanhope
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Carved Bone Sewing Stiletto tool measures 3 1/4" long. The stanhope located at the top is titled HARNEY PEAK LOOKOM, ELIO. 7242 ft.  Made in France is on the right hand side. This is a stanhope with a spelling error and should read "Harney Peak Lookout".

The photo shows Harney Peak Lookout. Harney Peak is located in Black Hills National Forest of South Dakota. The summit was used from 1911 until 1967 as a fire lookout. At first there was no building at all. The first lookout building was constructed in 1920. This view is of the lookout building that was constructed of stone and completed in 1938.This building provided comfortable living quarters which included running water, electricity and heat. The image is titled

     HARNEY PEAK LOOKOM on the first title line below the image
     ELIO 7240 FT on second title line
     MADE IN FRANCE is along the right side

The view is clear and has dulled a little through time. There are a few small bubbles that do not affect the view but on does cover some of the word France.

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