Victorian Stanhope Snuff Box made of Paper Mache
Victorian Stanhope Snuff Box made of Paper Mache

Victorian Black Lacquered Snuff Box with Stanhope of Southsea England

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Victorian Black Lacquered Snuff Box with silver and brass inlay features a stanhope view of historical South Sea England
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This rectangular shaped, black lacquer paper mache snuff box is a product of the Victorian era. The box opens and closes smoothly on its full length steel hinge just like the first day it was used. It has a stanhope 'peephole' located in its lid. The views is titled SOUVENIR OF SOUTHSEA. The microscopic photo is slightly faded through the years and has some bubbling over the title, top view and second row right view. Despite this, the stanhope still boasts time capturing views of the South Sea. There are six views titled as follows; -SOUTHSEA (somewhat faded) -CANOE LAKE -THE PIER -PORCHESTER CASTLE -THE GROVE -THE PIER Under the view MANUFACTURED IN FRANCE can be found.

 ~ Victorian Papier Mache ~ The Victorians loved to experiment with new materials and one of their favorites was paper mache. By the time Queen Victoria came to the throne, there were at least 25 companies producing paper mache items. The most common pieces are trays, work-boxes, inkstands, face screens, snuff boxes and letter holders. Eventually they moved on to larger items and furniture such as firescreens, chairs and tables, bookcases and even wardrobes and beds. Nearly always made in the characteristic black, but are occasionally found in red or green.

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