Stanhope Souvenir Boot Chimney Rock Wisconsin
Stanhope Souvenir Boot Chimney Rock Wisconsin

Antique Brass Boot Shoe With Chimney Rock Wisconsin Stanhope

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Antique Brass Shoe Stanhope Souvenir Of Chimney Rock Wisconsin is a highly detailed figural peephole charm
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This figural boot charm is made of brass with copper or bronze accent used for the laces. This uncommon and very beautiful stanhope charm is well made and highly detailed. Made in the early 20th century, it has remained in wonderfully preserved. It is in near mint condition showing only the patina of time. The stanhope lens is oriented through the side of the boot and shows a crystal clear view of Chimney Rock Wisconsin . The microphoto image is titled "CHIMNEY ROCK" above the image and "Dells of the Wisconsin" below the image. It is also marked "Made in France along the right side. 

This miniature brass shoe was made to represent the hard working native residents of Wisconsin Dells who originally founded the town of Kilbourne City as a lumbering mecca in 1857. The town was renamed in 1931 to make it easier for tourist to identify with its natural landscapes it became famous for over the years. Chimney Rock is still a somewhat popular & legendary tourist destination today. Chimney Rock and the surrounding area have long been known for their adventure parks & water-parks, and the natural land formations of the region.      

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