Cowry Shell Pendant Pencil with Stanhope

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Cowry Shell Pendant Pencil With Stanhope in Memory of Margate
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This is a very beautiful and seldom found cowry shell pendant that is also a mechanical or propelling pencil. Such necklace pencils were quite popular in the latter 19th century. The pencil certainly shows some wear however it does function well and is still useable today. It is necklace ready with jump ring to accept any chain. The stanhope lens is easy to see and depicts six views of Margate on the English coast. The individual stanhope images include the Pier from Margate, St. John's Church, Margate from the pier, a Marine parade and two separate views of the Jetty. Margate has been a popular and historic seaside tourist resort since the 1800's. This fine mechanical pencil would make a nice addition to any stanhope collection.

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