Men's Marriage Stanhope Ring w/ Rhinestone

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Men's Marriage Stanhope Ring w/ Rhinestone Size 10
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Man's ring with stanhope peephole cartoon images from courtship to marriage. Its five picture stanhope tells the story of a couple from their first walk through the park, to it's love at first magic carpet, to the beginning of the end, landing them at the glorious ending...marriage. See the photos above to get an idea of this comic book type pictorial stanhope lens story. Everything from it's shiny but worn rhinestone to its delicate leaf like engravings bring out it's own tale of the ages. The ring is in general good shape but has been re-sized in the past. Though showing mild signs of proud use and wear, this collectible boasts plenty of sturdy metal to make it a ring to be worn and enjoyed for years to come. The ring is approximately a size 10. Most of this style fashion rings are found to contain nude and erotic or "girly" photos. This one can be considered uncommon as it contains a non typical but funny marriage theme.

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