Catskill Souvenir Stanhope Barrel Jewelry
Catskill Souvenir Stanhope Barrel Jewelry

Unusual Laminated & Grooved Miniature Wood Barrel Stanhope Charm Fob Souvenir Pendant with View Catskill Mountains

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Nice miniature stanhope barrel charm pendant made of a variety of laminated woods indigenous to the Catskill Mountains. Features four views of the Catskills
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This nice little figural barrel fob charm pendant is made of a variety of different woods that have been laminated together in a book matched design. The woods look to be those indigenous to the New York Catskill Mountain area and include, walnut, maple and others. It has a nice shine to it and is likely lacquered or varnished. The eyelet and an oval shaped eyelet-cap look to be of bronze or copper alloy and are well oxidized and dark looking. There is a golden large jump ring that may be gold-filled. The stanhope is in the end of barrel and if you hold it close to your eye and peep inside you can see 4 tiny images of popular areas of the Catskill Mountains. The image's main title is found above and reads "SOUVENIR OF CATSKILL". The upper image is a wide panoramic view entitled "ROUND TOP FROM FORGE ROAD. CAIRO. The three smaller images found below are all individually titled as follows:


The image is not marked "Made in France" as it predates that requirement. We know of four other stanhope lens views that show the Catskill Mountain area but this is the only example we have seen featuring the waterfalls. We consider this piece to be less common most. This piece was made about the turn of the century (1875-1905) and has remained in remarkable condition all the way around. It was certainly a worn and cherished piece that is very well preserved. This barrel charm fob pendant is still quite wearable and certainly a collectible conversation piece. It would be an uncommon piece for a stanhope collection.