Stanhope binocular by Dagron
Stanhope binocular by Dagron

Mother of Pearl R. Dagron Stanhope Binoculars Austrian Royal Family and King of Siam

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R. Dagron Stanhope Binoculars Famille Impériale D'Autriche and Le Roi Mongkut du Siam
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A well made 1860-75 antique mother of pearl binoculars charm in very nice condition. These binoculars have gold or gold plated accents and each side houses a stanhope. They may have been meant to be worn as a watch-fob. They are smaller in size than most other stanhope binoculars giving the impression of a fine and delicate piece. Both oculars house stanhope lenses and each stanhope bears ab inscription of Rene Dagron under it's title. Both are titled in French as follows:

Famille Impériale D'Autriche (Royal Family of Austria)
Le Roi Mongkut du Siam (Mongkut, King of Siam).

Both stanhopes are clear and easy to see.  The charm measures 14mm x 16mm.  The silvery white mother of pearl has a polished and iridescent  look to it.  This binocular charm fob pendant also retains the original split ring.

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