Sag Harbor Whale with Stanhope Lens Eye
Sag Harbor Whale with Stanhope Lens Eye

Vintage Sag Harbor Whale Stanhope Map of Suffolk County Long Island NY

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Vintage Gold Plated Sag Harbor Whale Stanhope Map of Suffolk County Long Island NY by David Lee Jeweler & Watchmaker
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Gold-Plated Sag Harbor Whale made by Sag Harbor, NY jeweler and watchmaker David Lee features a stanhope in the eye of the whale that shows a map of Suffolk County Long Island. The belly of the whale bears the markings "14k" and "GP" (gold plated). Sag Harbor is known as ah historic whaling town. David Lee made these whales from the 1950's until his death in 2016. They were mostly produced and sold in low quantities, primarily to the residents, visitors and tourists of Sag Harbor. In the beginning David Lee's Sag Harbor Whales were made primarily in 14k yellow gold but later versions also included Sterling silver and gold plated versions. Over the years, the stanhope "eye" contained one of at least 3 different versions of a map of Sag Harbor or Suffolk County. The earliest whales have stanhopes that were made in France while whales made after about 1996 were made in the US.

To learn more about the David Lee's Sag Harbor Whale, read about it online at the Sag Harbor Express.

David Passed a short time ago. He was an iconic face of this quiet little town. His whales have become quite sought after by a small group of Long Islanders who cherish and remember him and his whales. You can learn more about this wonderful man's, life, work, and other achievements by reading his Obituary - The East Hampton Star

I will personally miss his ever famous and repetitive telephone greeting....."It's a Beautiful Sunny Day in Sunny Sag Harbor...David Lee speaking. How can I help you?" Often times this was followed up by informing what the weather was really like at the moment.

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