Vintage 1950's Sterling Silver Holy Bible Charm Pendant by Antaya

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Vintage Antaya Brothers Holy Bible religious charm pendant features a clean view of the Lord's Prayer and is made of Sterling Silver
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Nicely detailed vintage Antaya Brothers Holy Bible religious pendant or charm is made of solid sterling silver. It is a well made charm that is embossed with "HOLY BIBLE" on the front cover and "ANTAYA STERLING" on the outer spline. It even features the details of pages along the three sides. It is in very nice condition and only slightly tarnished on the cover. It could easily be cleaned to look like new if one desired to have it that way to wear again. Most Bible pendants of this type were made by Wells Sterling (also based in Attleboro, MA) and also some other companies. The stanhope lens shows the "LORD'S PRAYER" with an woman kneeling in prayer at the top. It is the typical image found in most Lords Prayer jewelry made during this period. It is also marked "MADE IN FRANCE" along the right side.

Antaya Brothers manufactured jewelry in Attleboro Mass. from 1948 through the 1960s, primarily making religious,military, scout, insignia and medallion jewelry.

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