Mechanical Axe Pencil - Figural Stanhope Pendant
Mechanical Axe Pencil - Figural Stanhope Pendant

Victorian Era Propelling Stanhope Mechanical Axe Pencil Fob Pendant

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Rare Mechanical Axe Pencil with stanhope lens view of Walton on the Naze and Frinton
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Circa 1900 figural axe mechanical propelling fob pencil is in very fine working condition. This stanhope figural pencil appears to be nickel-plated brass, and has a heavy attached ring that was used to attach the pencil to a necklace or pocket watch chain. The Stanhope adjacent to the axe head shows a near perfect 6-view image titled "A Memory of Walton on the Naze and Frinton". Scenes include "The Promenade, the Pier, White Swan Yacht, the Lifeboat, Frinton Church and Frinton". Additionally, it bears the words "McKee Dublin/Made in France". It measures 2 3/8" long. Stanhope figural pencils are difficult to find and this piece would be a fine example in any stanhope or pencil collection.

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