Opalesque Stanhope Stickpin
Opalesque Stanhope Stickpin

Opalesque Stanhope Stickpin

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Opalesque Stanhope Stickpin
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This is a very attractive and rare piece of advertising memorabilia. The image in the opal looking stickpin shows a piece of equipment and is titled "NEW DEPARTURE COASTER HUB". The condition is very good. The image inside is titled "NEW DEPARTURE / COASTER HUB" & shows a piece of machinery (presumably a Coaster Hub). The border surrounding the machine appears to be an industrial type link chain similar in style to that of a chainsaw. The image quality is very clear and the picture is easily seen but there is a large and a smaller bubble in the area of the photo. The bubbles are clear and don't show craquele but none the less somewhat detracting.

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