Bone Stanhope Whistle - English
Bone Stanhope Whistle - English

Bone Stanhope Whistle - English

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Antique English Turned Bone Stanhope Peep Whistle shows views of 19th century Tenby by the seashore
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This finely turned & highly polished bone whistle made in the 1890's is circa 120 years old and in remarkable near mint condition. The bone is of the highest selection and so well polished, that it almost looks like high quality ivory. It measures about 2" in length and 1" in diameter making this stanhope whistle among the largest you'll find. The ball on the top houses the stanhope & unscrews from the sound chamber. The image shows 6 different views titled "A SOUVENIR OF TENBY/ MADE IN FRANCE". Each of the 6 images is individually titled e.g. "From the Castle Hill", "South Sands", "Saint Catherines Fort", and others. The view is clean and pristine. This is your opportunity to own one of the nicest peephole whistles we've seen.

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