Bone Stanhope Dip Pen and Letter Opener

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Bone Stanhope Dip Pen and Letter Opener
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This wonderful 3-section carved and turned bone letter opener unscrews to reveal a dip pen. The embossed and decorated nib is quite ornate and gold in color. The blade of the opener has an elegant hand written marking that reads "Souvenir de Paris". The carving is well executed and lavish in comparison to other items of this type. It also screws apart at the upper end to remove the Stanhope. This features a very clean multi image showing 4 views of Paris, France. It is titled at the top "PARIS", and at the bottom "Made in France". Each of the 4 views are also titled and include, "ARC de TRIOMPHE", "NOUVEL OPER", "COLONNE VENDOME" and "LA MADELEINE". General image rating: 8/10

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