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Stock Image Stanhopes

Offering a Huge Selection of Images as well as a Wide Range of Subjects.

Our Stanhope PictureLens™ is a wondrous tiny ultra-high powered magnifier that contains a microscopic photograph which when viewed closely reveals a picture with amazing detail. Developed in the mid 19th century, these lovely optical curiosities are now quite collectable. Our stanhopes are the first to be produced in over 30 years & among the finest in quality........EVER!. Each of our Stanhopes is made right in our own workshop using only hand processes. Our highly trained "Stanhope MicroWorks Artisans" mount, assemble, grind & polish each stanhope individually. Our proprietary photographic process allows us to produce the highest resolution photographic images known today.

Here are just a few or our Civil War Generals

NOTE! If you plan to have us install your stock image in one of our 'stanhope ready items' (cane, knife, etc.), please first order the item in our 'stanhope ready items' department. The price of all of these items includes the mounted stock image of your choice. There, you will specify your selected stock image by noting the P.Code in the area provided. The Product Code (P.Code) is provided by clicking on the selected stock image.

Order your Stock Image PictureLens Here if:
1) You would like us to mount the lens in your own provided item. Please contact us before ordering to determine if your item is suitable for stanhope installation.

2) You intend to mount the lens in your own item.