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MW Sheibley - Stanhope Historian and Master ViolinmakerMeet Michael Sheibley, Stanhope MicroWorks Restoration Specialist and Team Leader. Mr. Sheibley has been collecting and restoring stanhopes for over 22 years and possesses one of the largest & most diverse collections of stanhopes known. He is a highly skilled Violinmaker who was first introduced to stanhopes in pricey antique violin bows that he restores & maintains for skilled and famous players worldwide. His study of stanhopes has been both scientific and artistic in approach. His skills performing difficult and important stringed instrument restorations have aided him in the repair & restoration of many valuable stanhopes which would otherwise have been lost.

Mr. Sheibley is happy to help you identify your stanhope and is always interested in seeing and studying new pieces. He can also assess the value & appraisals are available. His skills are also useful in helping you to design your next personal stanhope collectible. He is very active in our restoration department leading SMW's restoration specialists toward historic correctness. Need a lens for a "stanhopeless" item? Just ask Michael, he more often than not knows exactly what the missing image is. He has provided many original examples from his museum collection to Stanhope MicroWorks for use in making reproduction images & replacement lenses for stanhopeless items.

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