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JOIN US IN THE MUSEUM. Our Exhibits are free for all to enjoy. We will constantly be adding information to our exhibits so check back often. I'm Michael Sheibley, the Stanhope Museum Curator. Our Museum is still under construction but I've noted some of the things I look forward to sharing with you very soon. Plans for the near future include exhibits listed below as well as articles and other information pertaining to stanhopes throughout the ages. I'm very excited about sharing a glimpse of a few pristine examples of some of the very first stanhopes ever.......those of Rene Dagron! There are a few oddities & rarities that I'm sure you'll find interesting too. Browse the Museum &  Visit our Gift-shop for stanhopes and stanhope related items and materials. Sign up in our Stanhope Club. As a member you'll receive our monthly Newsletter as well as other Money Saving Offers & Coupons good on many items in our store.......... & exclusively for  STANHOPE  CLUB Members. Best of all.......It's FREE! Stanhope MicroWorks USA offers 100's of Original Antique Stanhopes! ATTENTION COLLECTORS! There are many Antique Stanhopes available in our store. All of the items in this department are the output of previous producers who no longer exist and you will find examples spanning a period from about 1860 to 1970. Some of them are among the more common items that were abundantly produced while others are considered to be quite rare pieces. Occasionally we restore an item in order to increase it's value & collector appeal. All of the restoration work that we do is precisely & expertly executed with attention to 'historic correctness' being our primary goal. In the event that an item has been restored or repaired, it is plainly listed in the item's description area with an explanation of all of the work performed.
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