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Rochard Microphotographic Stanhope Lens Jewels

Rochard Jewels for Doll Makers and other Artisans

Blue Rochard Stanhope Jewel DollMicrophotgraphic Jewels by Stanhope MicroWorksRochard Microphotographic Stanhope Jewels are now available for the first time since the Victorian days when Rochard created his wonderful and famously known jeweled Fashion dolls. Our new Rochard inspired Stanhope jewels appear as cabochon jewels when placed in porcelain and bisque dolls but the real surprise is the tiny 1mm microphoto contained within each jewel. A close look into each jewel reveals the stunning high resolution microphoto that is permanently contained within. Rochard Micro-photograph Jewels are available with stock microphotos showing images of themes including religions & faith, mythology, Victorian Era lifestyle, interesting and popular places and more. You can also have Rochard Stanhope Jewels made with your own favorite "custom photos" to personalize your dolls to the highest degree. Rochard Stanhope jewels are available in 2 different size diameters and in a variety of colors as well as clear. We can even make the bi- and tri-colored jewels to match your doll's eyes, dress or other accessories.
There are a number of reasons the Rochard Jewels are changing the artisan and One-Of -A-Kind doll market. Rochard Micro-photographic Stanhope Jewels provide a element of keepsake sentiment to your artistic doll work and add a level of desire and marketability not found in other porcelain dolls and products. With imagination and careful skilled work, you can now create the most stunning dolls imaginable for your customers. Design elaborate and beautiful necklaces with meaning. Perhaps you want to preserve history in the microphotos in your necklaces or even make history by designing a doll with the most jewels in one doll necklace. consequently the world record for the highest number of microphotographic jewels used in one doll is forty-one, and is held by Rochard himself.

Installing the Rochard Microphoto Jewels is both a quick and easy operation. There is no assembly required as your jewels are a single unit, and they can be installed by simply gluing them into the round holes in the dolls breast-plate or shoulderplate.

Doll with Green Rochard Stanhope Jewel NecklaceThe blond doll pictured is adorned with a cross pendant necklace that is comprised of seven Rochard Jewels , six large and 1 small. In this case the images are all custom images that show four generations of family members. The images show marriages, babies and children, families, family events and other important and memorable times that span about a century. The doll with the auburn colored wig has a similar cross necklace with aquamarine blue Rochard Jewels and also includes sentimental family images provided by the customer. Altogether there are actually nine microphotos in this doll as there are small Rochard Jewels nestled in each of the earrings as well.

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