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"Ostende" Souvenir Stanhope Manicure Tool Set
Antique Ostend Manicure Tool Set

"Ostende" Souvenir Stanhope Manicure Tool Set

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Tourist Souvenir Stanhope Antique Manicure Tool Set made of carved bone shows a microphoto view of Ostend Belgium Hotel Regina 

A circa 1900-1910 souvenir of Ostende, Belgium, this lovely bone manicure combination tool is in excellent condition. It is comprised of 3 individual bone implements and a metal nail file. The bone tools are purposed for cuticle pushing, cleaning and shaping and for cleaning dirt from under the fingernail. One of the tools may have been meant for use as a toothpick. The tools are pinned to the handles with brass and swivel out for use. The front handle face is painted in red with the word "Ostende". The paint is partially worn off but still legible. The stanhope is housed sideways through the handle. The design of this tool varies greatly from most other stanhope manicure sets. The blades are and handle are shaped differently than other versions. The stanhope lens offers a crystal clear peek of the Hotel Regina in Belgium. It is titled below the microphoto "L'hotel Regina. Ostend". This unusual bone stanhope manicure set was a common tool carried by travelers in the mid 1800's through the early 1900's and likely a sundry available for purchase in the hotel gift shop. It is in very nice condition and was well kept, exhibiting only minimal wear and patina. 

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