US Cold War Microdot Film Camera Model MK VR

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MK CIA type Microdot Camera makes microdots from full size documents at a reduction or !50 - 200 times
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The MK-VR microdot camera

US CIA Spy Microdot Disc Film Camera by RogueTech Solutions is completely functional and produces amazingly small and clear microdot photos from both positive and negative subjects. The MK-VR offers many improvements over the CIA MK-IV microdot camera. It works within a rather large and forgiving focal range and can reduce A4 or 8 1/2" x 11" from 125X - 200X. The film used is a 24mm disc that is easily punched from a variety of 35mm films. Film disc punch cutters and 35mm roll film as well as pre-punched 24mm discs are also available. Apart from document photography, the MK-VR microdot camera can also be used to make high quality microphotos for stanhopes and microscope slides. Truly a fine photographic instrument.

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These are just some of the many features the MK-VR has to offer.
Rodidon 2.7mm F8.0 optical system
Easy to operate and reliable spring resistance shutter
Durable non-reflective non-slip finish
Frame Lock

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