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There Really is No better Gift than a Stanhope MicroWorks Gift Certificate.

We know gift giving is not always the easiest of tasks for many & sometimes the right gift can be a challenge to find. Stanhopes are special gifts, not only because the are unusual and intriguing but especially because they can be customized and made from any cherished photo. Unfortunately, you may not have access to your gift recipients favorite or desired photo. Perhaps you're not sure of their taste in jewelry or other gift items, or what length chain they might prefer with a certain style pendant. There are a number of different factors to consider. Stanhope Gift Certificates take the guess-work out of gift giving. Your gift recipient can order the perfect gift item adorned with their special custom photo as the stanhope image. Now you can give a meaningful gift to anyone anytime with a Stanhope MicroWorks Gift Certificate.
Browse our gift certificates to find the amount you wish to give. We will also be happy to issue gift certificates in any desired amount, or for a specific product by contacting us at [email protected].