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Custom Stanhope Lenses

You Can Have Your Own Image in the World's Highest Quality Stanhope!........It's Easy!

Custom Photo StanhopeOur Stanhope PictureLens is a tiny ultra-high powered magnifier that contains a microscopic photo which when viewed closely, reveals a picture with amazing detail and as if it is floating far off in the distance. Developed in the mid 19th century, these wonderous optical curiosities magnify the photo over 160X. Our stanhopes are the first to be produced world-wide in over 30 years & among the finest in quality........EVER!. Each Stanhope is entirely handmade in our workshop as highly skilled "Stanhope MicroWorks Artisans" mount, assemble, grind & polish each stanhope individually. Our propreitary photographic process allows us to produce the highest resolution photographic images known today & we specialize in making custom-image stanhopes one at a time.
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Stanhope Custom Lens with Your Photo Inside
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Custom Photo Image Stanhope Pen Peep
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