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Stanhopeless No More

Posted by Stanhope MicroWorks - Photos by © Michael Sheibley on 4/5/2018 to The Stanhope Workshop
Stanhopeless No More - Stanhope MicroWorks restores old Anheuser Busch KnivesStanhopeless No More by Howard Melnick
First published by Knife World Magazine© December 2001

A closer look at how Stanhope MicroWorks repairs and restores collectible Anheuser- Busch Bartender Pocketknives with Stanhope lenses in the handles. This interesting and informative articles provides insight into the most successful and sought after commercial collectibles ever produced by the Anheuser Busch Company. Republished with Photos by ©Michael Sheibley.

Mechanicsburg man a global source for Stanhope lenses

Posted by Jason Scott - Central Pennsylvania Business Journal on 5/11/2017 to News & Press
Inspecting Stanhopes in the WorkshopStories about discovering a Stanhope picture lens usually start something like this: “My grandmother had a whale pendant with a Stanhope in it” or “I was shopping at a flea market and came across this neat pen with a peephole photo of the Eiffel Tower in it.”
When people do stumble on a Stanhope and attempt to seek out manufacturers, they often end up in the same place — websites that can be traced to a Cumberland County address owned by Michael Sheibley.  (Photos / )

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The Real Rochard Revealed

Posted by © Michael Sheibley on 12/11/2014 to Vintage & Antique Stanhopes
Mint Budweiser Corkscrew KnifeMint Budweiser Corkscrew KnifeRochard dolls are prized and revered for their stunning and sometimes elaborately designed "stanhope jeweled necklaces". Michael Sheibley and his skilled team of conservators at Stanhope MicroWorks recently worked to restore and conserve, not one, but two very rare dolls made in the 1860's by A.E. Rochard in Paris. This highly informative article provides an unprecedented historic & forensic examination of these extremely rare & unique French fashion dolls and the over-size "stanhopes" adorning their shoulder-plates.  Discover the "tiny" secrets that have been well preserved in these dolls for over a century and a half.

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Collectible Anheuser Busch Pocketknives Unearthed

Posted by © Michael Sheibley on 11/11/2013 to Vintage & Antique Stanhopes
Mint Budweiser Corkscrew KnifeRescued rare & collectible Anheuser Busch Co. pocketknives were nearly destroyed by Anheuser Busch when they ordered the demolition of one of their buildings. Certainly an oversight, an estimated 1069 pocketknives, all with a stanhope peeps showing company founder Adolphus Busch were saved by demolition workers when they removed two abandoned & locked vaults left to be destroyed. Workers eventually opened the vaults to find a cache of mint condition Anheuser Busch corkscrew pocketknives. Each one in it's original package and like a "proof" grade coin, untouched by human hands for 50 years.....Read  more about it HERE

Stanhope MicroWorks Relaunched

Posted by MWS on 1/12/2013 to News & Press
Stanhope MicroWorks is proud to announce the opening of our new & improved website and online store. We've also added the Stanhope Museum.......