Banded Agate Binocular Charm with Irish Blarney Castle Stanhope

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Turned Onyx Figural Binocular Charm with Blarney Castle and Dublin Stanhopes
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This Victorian Era Charm Fob is both interesting and rare as the twin ocular pieces are crafted from English banded agate. The agate is quite striated and variegated in earthy hues or browns, black, gray and white. It almost looks more like some early "art glass" than a stone or mineral. Made circa 1870-80 the metal fittings are made of gold plated The Stanhope viewer is very clear and the title under the microphoto of the White brass or bronze. This charm fob is in nice condition and the stanhopes are clear and easy to see. One image is a rare single view of Blarney Castle and titled "BLARNEY CASTLE". The other stanhope image is a dual image that is titled at the top "DUBLIN" and the individual images are titled "O'Connell Street" and "Trinity College". This is a great one for a collector or I could see it as decor in a fine doll house or as a doll accessory for a favorite fashion doll.

COMPOSITION: Banded English Agate and Gold-plated brass or bronze

CONDITION: Well kept estate collected piece

STANHOPE: Clear images with slight inclusions that are non detracting

WEIGHT: 3.2 grams

MEASUREMENT: 17mm l x 8.5mm h x 19mm w


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